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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Morton Families of Person County: Related or Unrelated? by Joyce Harrison

The earliest Morton record I have found so far in Person County is Thomas Morton of Prince Edward County, Virginia who purchased land from William Chambers of Person County, 1792. I am inclined to believe that this Thomas is the Thomas Morton who married Elizabeth Donaldson in 1799, the son of Thomas (5) and Catherine. I have gone back and forth on this Thomas’ parentage simply because in going back in the Moses Walker lineage, who is the grandfather of Elizabeth Donaldson, it lists his parents as Thomas Morton and Cicily Katherine Moore Morton. So here, more questions are left unanswered. Elizabeth’s father Robert Donaldson first appeared on the Person County Tax lists in 1793 along with Moses and Buckley Walker. I also noted that during the time frame of 1776 and 1793 there were no Morton’s listed on tax list in Person County.

In 1794 William Morton, Wm. Morton, Robert Donaldson, Moses Walker are all on the tax list.

In 1799 Averilla Morton marries Hiram Harrelson, August 24, 1799. William Morton was the bondsman for this marriage. I have no parents listed for Averiller. I have Avarillia Morton who marries Byrd S. Link March 12, 1799 in Caswell County and they migrate to Haywood County, Tennessee where they lived until their deaths. Avarilla died in 1852 and Byrd in 1840. The reason I have noted this here is the similarity in the names of the two women.

Thomas, William, George, and Catherine Morton are listed on the 1800 census in Person County. Harry O. Alvis believes that Catherine is the mother of Tarleton and Joseph and they are still in the home with her. Thomas Morton has 1 male 16-26, 1 female, 18-26. William has 1 male 10-16, 1 female 10-16, 1 male, 26-46, and 1 female 26-46. George has 2 males, 10-16, 1 male, 26-45, 2 females und. 10, 1 female, 10-16, and 1 female, 26-45. Catherine has 1 male, 10-16, 1 male, 16-26, 2 females, 10-16, 1 female, 16-26, and 1 female, 45+. I also want to note here that there are two Tarleton Mortons. I have found several different spellings in various documents but only two marriages. Tarlton Morton and Elizabeth Monday/Munday and Talton Morton to Nancy Evans. I will touch on these two later.

The first documentation I found of Joseph Morton was in Person County with his marriage to Mime (Jemiah) Harrold/Harrell on December 30, 1801. I have no theory on his parents but have him as the son of George Morton and Sarah Morton, Pennsylvania and brother to Meshack. I have no proof, just theory on my part. (I want to note here also that it is easier for me to place the unproven Mortons in my database with a tentative parent rather than just leave them dangling. I note that it is not proven and can and will change it as proof is found) Joseph and Mine leave Person County in 1807 and moves his family to Pike County, Indiana. I have his birth as July 3, 1780 in Halifax or Pittsylvania County, Virginia. This comes from Joan DeBella. His death is recorded as November, 1855.

There is a George Morton listed in Capt. Penicks District in 1805.

Then we have John M. Morton who married Judah Zachory on April 4, 1805. His parents are listed as Samuel Morton and Levicy Watson Morton. This marriage was in Caswell County.

Nancy Wimbish Morton marries Curtis Haynes on July 18, 1806. I agree with Stephen Dennis here that maybe she is the daughter of Peyton Morton and Nancy Ann Wimbish. I have found no census or tax records in Person County for Curtis Haynes.

A Joseph Morton purchases 144 acres of land from John Barnett for $124.00 in 1809.

Tarleton Morton marries Elizabeth Monday/Munday on Mach 21, 1809 with George Morton as the bondsman. Their children are:

Frances H. Morton b. 1810

Thomas Morton b. abt. 1812

Nancy Morton b. abt. 1822

Martha Morton b. abt. 1824

Ann Morton b. abt. 1827

Cary Morton b. abt. 1829

Mariah Morton b. abt. 1832

Sarah Morton b. abt. 1836

The one thing I have noted here is the range between the births of the children. My source for this was Wanda Brooks in Virginia and she had no sources with her work. It is also displayed on Family Tree Maker site online. I found an estate record for Cary Morton at the archives, he never married. Frances Morton married Granderson Wrenn on April 25, 1839 and died after 1870. Martha Morton married George Grief Brooks on February 19, 1852 and died bet. 1887-1897. George Grief Brooks is the brother of my Betsy Brooks Morton who will be discussed later in this paper. Ann Morton married David W. Brooks and died abt. 1828. Mariah Morton married Adolphus “Dolphin” Holt. Sarah Morton married George W. Wrenn on February 27, 1865.

George Morton, Thomas Morton, Buckley Walker, Sr, Jacob Bull, (will of Jacob Bull mentions granddaughter Elizabeth Morton), Paschal Morton, s/o Thomas Morton were all listed on tax list. There is the absence of Tarleton/Tarlton and William. Peyton Morton disappears from the list after the 1810 census records in Caswell County. George Morton has 1 male und. 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, and 1 male 45+. There are 3 females und 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 16-26 and 1 female 26-45. Thomas Morton has 1 male 26-45, 2 females und 10 and 1 female 26-45. Paschal Morton was listed as Fulton but there is no census in Person County for Tarleton/Tarlton and William Morton in 1810.

Moving onto 1820. We have Sabra Cash who marries a Thomas Morton on February 15, 1820. No other information. There is a deed for Talton Morton dated April 17, 1820 where he purchases 75 ½ acres of land from Joseph Southard. This land is located on Adams Creek. Note that the land Joseph Morton purchased from John Barnett was also on Adams Creek. Census records show George Morton, Sr, William Morton, Sr., Martin Morton, s/o Meshack and Mary Morton, William Morton, Jr., Talton/Tarlton Morton, Moses and Buckley Walker Srs. Anderson Morton dies between the years of 1820-1830. He was found on the 1820 census but in 1830, Letty Samuel Morton was listed as head in Caswell County. George Morton has 3 males und 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 45+, 2 females und 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 10-16, 1 female, 26-45. Martin Morton has 1 male und 10 and 1 female 10-16. In a will for Mary Morton, it list Martin Morton as her executor and also states that he is her son. I believe this Mary is Mary Ashburn who married Meshack Morton.

William Morton Sr., has 1 male und 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 male 45+, 1 female und 10, 1 female 16-26, and 1 female 45+. William Morton, Jr., has 1 male und 10 and 1 female 16-26. Talton Morton has 3 males und 10, 1 male 26-43, 3 females und 10, and 1 female 26-43.

The tax list in 1823 lists William Morton in Capt. Olivers Dist and Fulton? (Tarlton) in Capt. Williams Dist.

George and Tarleton Morton are found on the 1830 census. George has 2 males und 5, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 60-70, 2 females und 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60, and 1 female 40-100. I am not sure why this was written like this but I suppose this female is older than 60. Tarleton has 1 male und 5, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female und 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 20-30 and 1 female 40-50.

Thomas Morton and Temperance Walters are married on December 7, 1833 and again we have another Thomas who is a mystery. We have Elizabeth Morton who married Barnett Chamberlin on October 20, 1836, no parents listed.

On February 21, 1839, John Morton, son of William and Milley Samuel Morton marries Elizabeth “Betsy” Brooks. John was born abt. 1820. Elizabeth “Betsy” Brooks is the daughter of John Brooks and Nancy Walker whose father was Buckley Walker of Moses Walker. They had four children. Charlotte Morton, born abt. 1841, William H. Morton, born abt. 1843, John L. Morton, born abt. 1845, and George G. Morton, born October 18, 1846. John and Betsy are my third great grandparents. John Morton died in testate in 1848 and there are estate records and power of attorney documents that I have not completed transcribing. Betsy remarried in 1849 to Marcus Hamlett.

Charlotte married William David Dillehay on May 10, 1866 and died in 1879 from consumption. I found her death record on the Mortality schedule for Person County. William married Elizabeth Wrenn on December 30, 1867. John L. married Frances Wrenn on April 14, 1864. George G. Morton married three times and had children by all three marriages. He married Eudora Inge. January 22, 1867, Jane Nelson on January 31, 1892, and Ella C. Day Baird on March 21, 1899. I am not going to list all of the children for this family here as they are on my web site at:

I will say here that I think my great grandfather took the saying “go forward and procreate” literally. Just a little humor.

On the 1840 census Thomas Morton has 1 male und 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female und 5, 2 females 20-30. Tarlton has 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female und 5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, and 1 female 40-50.

In 1841 Elizabeth Morton married John Henry Gentry, October 25, 1841. Lewis Morton married Rosillia O’Briant on November 18, 1841. I believe this Lewis Morton is the brother of my John Morton, s/o William and Milley Samuel. Milley Morton marries Berry Clayton on October 7, 1841.

In 1843 John M. Morton married Leah Carver on November 30, 1843. I have an estate record that states within it that Lewis Morton is the brother of John M. Morton. I have a dilemma here trying to figure out who John M. Morton’s parents are. I also wonder what the “M” stands for in this John’s name, since there is a close connection to Moses Walker in this line. This John M. Morton died in testate about 1852 or 1853. He left three children, Susan, Martha, and Mary. Charles Mason was appointed guardian. No mention of a wife or her name in these records.

My John Morton buys 72 acres of land from Thomas J. Ramsey for $377.40 in 1844 located on Carts Road. He buys 3 ½ acres of land from William Ramsey for $12.00.

On January 16, 1851 Ann Morton marries David W. Brooks. I think this Ann is the daughter of Tarlton and Elizabeth Monday/Munday Morton. Then we move onto Nancy Morton who marries William Boze on July 14, 1852. Talton Morton marries Nancy Evans on April 7, 1853. I have no idea as to the parentage of this Talton. Moriah Morton marries Dolphin Holt in 1856. She is the daughter of Tarlton and Elizabeth Morton. Then we have Elizabeth Morton who marries John Hawkins on August 4, 1859, no other information for her. Harrison Morton marries for the second time to Margaret A. Brooks on February 17, 1859.

From here I am going to list census records for Morton’s in Person County.

1850: Morton, Harrison age 31 overseerer

Louisa age 27 keeping house

Ruffin, Fuller age 9

Morton, Thomas age 38

Nancy age 30

Levi age 12

Jane age 11

Morton, Tarlton age 63 Farmer

Elizabeth age 59 Keeping house

Nancy age 28

Martha age 26

Aver age 23

Cary age 21

Moriah age 18

Sarah age 14

I need to note here that although my great grandfather was enumerated in the household of Marcus Hamlett as a Hamlett, he and his siblings were indeed Mortons.

Hamlett, Marcus age 22 Farmer

Elizabeth age 32 Keeping house

Charlotte age 9

William H. age 7

John L. age 5

George G. age 2

Morton, Lewis age 36 Farmer

Rosilla age 25

John M. age 7

Mary I age 4

Stephen E. age 2

Jones, John age 21 Farmhand

Morton, William age 71 Farmer

Milley age 69 Keeping house

Elizabeth L.A. age 42


Brooks, Grief age 25 Farmhand

Martha age 25 Keeping house

John L. age 9

Ellen S. age 3

Morton, Sarah age 20

Everett, Samuel age 15


Morton, Geo. G. age 21 Farmer

Nedorah age 20 Keeping house

George W. age 2

Ella S. age 1

Morton, Harrison age 50 Farmer

Margaret A. age 44 Keeping house

James L. age 11

Mary A. age 7

**Morton, John age 25 Farm Laborer (Orange County)

Francis age 23 Keeping house

Elizabeth age 5

Thomas age 3

Infant age 1

**Note: This John is the s/o John Morton and Betsy Brooks. I could not find him on an 1860 census record. He appears here in Orange County.

Also in 1870 it is noted that Sarah Morton is not still in the household of Grief Brooks.

Clayton, Sarah J. age 29 Keeping house

Sarah age ?

Jack L. age 3

Morton, Nancy M. age 53 Keeping house


Morton, George G. age 32 Head

Dorah age 27 Keeping house

Geo. W age 12

Ella S. age 10

James C. age 7

Nannie E. age 6

Rosa M. age 4

John Y. age 1/12

Morton, Lewis L. age 64 Head

Rosilla age 55 Keeping house

Sidney, AD age 19

Hargis, Shine (B) age 17 other

Lambeth (B) age 15

Morton, Harrison age 62 Head

Margaret A. age 55 wife

James A. age 20

Mary A. age 16

Morton, Stephen age 35 Head

Susan age 30

Martha age 6

James age 3

Vance age 2

I hope I have not totally confused everyone. I have tried to source all my information but sometimes there is just not anything available. I will continue adding and trying to find links to this family. With the Person County Morton’s you have to consider the marriages with the Moses Walker family, the Inge family of Lunenburg County, Virginia, and the Brooks family. They all lived in close proxcemity of each other for many years and seemed to travel together to other states as time wore on. I hope this will help connect some more lines.

Joyce Harrison