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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meshack Morton Estate Inventory--July 1796

Page 168 July Court 1796

Inventory of the Estate of Meshack Morton, Deceased. Property taken 19th Feb. 1796

Corn and Fodder, Meat, three Head Horses, six Head Cattle, fourteen Head Hogs, three Head Sheep, eighteen Geese, three Feather Beds and Furniture, four Bedsteads, one Cotton Wheel, one Flax Wheel, three pair Cotton Cards, one pair Steelgards, one Trunk, one Case and seven Bottles, three Water Pails, one Wash Tub, one Wheel Rim, 3 Pots two pair Hooks, one Dutch Oven, one Frying Pan, one Table three pewter Basons, one pewter Dish, four pewter Plates, Spoons, two Earthen Dishes, six Earthen Plates, five Tea Cup and Saucers, one Milk Pot, five Teaspoons, three Knives and Forks, two Flat Irons, one Lock Chain, one Handsaw, three Augers, two Drawing Knives, one Chisel, one Foot addz, one Whipsaw, Two Sythes and Cradles, one Mattock, one Grubbing Hoe, four Axes, one pair Iron Wedges, ten Hoirs, one Candlestick, one pair Snuffers, one Chest, four Barrels, one Handmill, Crop Cotton, Crop Flax, one Grindstone, Crop Tobacco, seven Chairs, one Churn, one large Plow, Cutter Plow, two Dutch Plows, one Frow, one Loom and Gear, one Flax Hackle, Parcel Book, one Tea Canister, one Candle Mould, one Pepper Box, one Bee Gum, three pair Knitting Pins, one Reap Hook, one Meal Sifter, one Man's saddle, one Gun Barrel and lock, four Quart Bottles, Parcel Oats and Straw, one Gin, three pounds Feathers, one pound Salt Petre, one Sett Spools, Table Cloth and Towel, one pair Shears, one pair Iron Traces, one Watts Hymn Book, one Wire Sive, two Runtells, two Sack Bags, Parcel Flax Seed, one Pickler____

J. Carter Adm.

Caswell County July Court 1796

This Inventory was Returned to Court by the Adm. And on Motion Ordered to be Recorded.

Test. A. Murphey C.C.

Transcribed by: Latham Mark Phelps 2004


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